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3M PELTOR X4A Series Ear Muffs

Code: 650626
3M PELTOR X Series Ear Muffs X4A are high performance hearing protectors for use against high noise levels in a wide range of industries. These ear defenders offer 33(dB) attenuation with a sleek, low profile and aesthetically pleasing design.
Colour: Multi
3M PELTOR X4A Series Ear Muffs

3M™ PELTOR™ X4 Earmuffs are our lightweight and slim hearing protectors with innovative foam earcup inserts and spacers to help boost attenuation and protect against low frequencies. Available as headband, helmet attachment and neckband models. The headband model features an electrically insulated, twin headband that decreases heat build-up on top of the head. Depending on wearer preference or application need, the helmet attached versions are available as either dielectric electrically insulated or with robust metal arms. Reducing noise levels from 32-33 dB, model dependant, tested to EN 352:2020. Available as electrically insulated and resistant or 'dielectric' in A band and P5 helmet attached models. Colour-coding makes it easy to identify the level of protection being worn. Innovative sealing ring and ear cushion technology provides excellent protection against low frequencies in a streamlined design. 3M developed ear cushion foam technology for an effective acoustic seal and reliable protection. Twin headband design provides heat dispersion and internal stainless steel design offers consistent pressure and comfortable fit over an 8 hour period. Designed to optimise weight distribution and balance for outstanding comfort. ABS plastic cups are rigid, high strength and impact resistant. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) soft outer cup coating protects from abrasion and bumps.

Manufacturer 3M Manufacturer Code X4A

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