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Welcome to WBT Wholesale


WBT Wholesale is a leading UK wholesaler specialising in the supply of personal protective equipment (PPE). With a comprehensive range of branded and imported value products established on the principle of 'Good, Better, Best'. 


Quality Standards

All are certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2000, ISO 12001 and OHSAS18001 for Environmental Management Systems. 


Bunzl is committed to ensuring our business is conducted according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards. Every employee is responsible for ensuring that any contact with our customers and the public at large reflects professionalism, efficiency and honesty. 


Bunzl Group Corporate Social Responsibility Policies are publically available on as well as the annual CSR Report from the annual Group and Accounts.  


Environmentally Friendly Products


Bunzl is committed to providing environmentally friendly products through our BeGreen initiative, labelling products as recycled, renewable, biodegradable or energy-efficient, allowing you to make the most informed are responsible choices when selecting products. 




The company has a £25 million stock holding backed up with a National Distribution Centre. In addition, a permanent office in Hong Kong continually sources quality products that, where appropriate, are tested and approved to the latest EU specifications. 


No order is too big or too small with the majority of products offered in single units. 


Knowing Your Market


As part of Bunzl plc, a global FTSE 100 Company, we offer market knowledge and expertise to help with product selection and logistics, with the objective of maximising your profit. 


Our dedicated internal and field team are available to assist your business over the phone or with a personal site visit. For further information or to make an appointment, please contact our friendly sales team on 0870 900 7560. Alternatively, you can email us at or use the contact us form on this website. 



Walsh Blyth & Turton is committed to the health, safety and welfare of its employees as its first priority. A risk assessment has been conducted in accordance with Government guidance on working safely during COVID-19, which was issued on 11th May 2020.


The risk assessment has been used to identify potential risks related to exposure to, catching and spreading COVID-19 and has identified the measures needed to reduce risk to the lowest reasonably practicable level by taking preventative measures, in order of priority. The risk assessment recommendations have been shared with our employees.


Measures in Use to Reduce Risk:


  • - Increasing the frequency of handwashing and surface cleaning in the workplace
  • - Enabling our employees to work from home where possible
  • - Taking all reasonable steps to maintain a 2 metre distance in the workplace
  • - Keeping the activity time involved in tasks as short as possible
  • - Using back-to-back or side-to-side working (rather than face-to-face) whenever possible
  • - Reducing the number of people each person has contact with by using ‘fixed teams or partnering’ (so each person works with only a few others)
  • - Finally, where people must work face-to-face for a sustained period with more than a small group of fixed partners, then we have assessed whether the activity can safely go ahead. In such circumstances, where required, additional Personal Protective Equipment, for instance face coverings have been made available


Particular regard has been given to employees who are especially vulnerable to COVID-19 and appropriate measures have been taken to minimize their personal risk, including home working and reassignment to tasks and activities that reduce that personal risk to the lowest reasonably practical level.


Particular regard has also been given to understanding the circumstances of those with protected characteristics and any measures or adjustments that may been needed to address a different degree of risk or alternative measures that may be required under the Equality Act 2010.


The Government guidance related specifically to working safely in Warehouses, Offices & Contact Centres, Vehicles and Retail Branches has been incorporated into the risk assessment.


Furthermore, the risk assessment has taken account of Government guidance on travelling to and from work, meetings in the workplace and the presence of visitors and contractors at Walsh Blyth & Turton locations.


The risk assessment that has been carried out will be kept under review and revisited periodically, or where Government guidance is amended or updated.


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