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Keep connected while protected with the 3M PELTOR WS ALERT X headset. The Bluetooth headset with a noise-cancelling boom microphone connects to your mobile phone for hands-free calls and streaming in noisy environments.

The headset helps to protect against hazardous noise and at the same time helps promote your situational awareness via the level-dependent function for ambient listening. The headset also syncs to a mobile app so users can easily set up and adjust the headset.

Product highlights:

  • Attenuating hearing protector comes in two models: headband and safety helmet attachment
  • Level-dependent function for ambient listening to help promote auditory situational awareness
  • Push-to-listen feature to easily instantaneously listen to your surroundings
  • Mobile App allows you to receive reminders when to change replacement cushions (hygiene kit) and choose the frequency of these alerts
  • The headset will automatically turn off after four hours of non-use to save battery life