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Reliance Medical 9100 Spectra Workplace First Aid System

Code: 751739
Attractive, modular system built to ensure first aid compliance. Kits are supplied with security seals. Accident book included to ensure regulatory compliance in accident recording. Primary kits in any Spectra panel can be released quickly for portable first aid. First Aid guidance is provided in illustrated format to assist in relevant first aid measures
Size: 75CMH x 34.7CMW x 10.5CMD
Reliance Medical 9100 Spectra Workplace First Aid System

Spectra™ is customisable to fit within any environment. It’s easy to match the panels required with the level of risk in any workplace. Each panel will interlock with others to provide a comprehensive and complimentary first aid solution. Carefully thought out design makes products easily identifiable in an emergency and easy to access when you need them. Products can either be taken directly from each panel, or the appropriate kit can be removed and taken to the casualty. The modern and smart design will feel equally at home in any office setting or warehouse. Spectra™ is made from high quality ABS plastic, which not only means it looks great, it’s also durable and strong enough to last in tough environments. Each panel contains useful product information, a primary kit, designed for the intended location, and supplementary products to enhance the practicality of the panel. At a glance, you can be confident that all primary Spectra kits are compliant by using the included security seal. The security seal can easily be broken by hand in the case of an emergency and, visibly indicates that components of the kit may be missing if it has been removed. Kit Contains: 1 Accident Book 1 Sign 'Workplace System Guidance' 2 x Conforming Bandages, 3 x Triangular Bandages, 2 x Burn Dressings, 3 x Eye Pad Dressings, 3 x Finger Dressings, 4 x HSE Medium Dressings, 3 x HSE Large Dressings, 2 x Adult Foil Blankets, 9 x Pairs of Gloves, 1 Guidance Leaflet 60 x Washproof Assorted Plasters, 1 x Resuscitation Face Shield, 1 x Shears, 2 x Microporous Tapes, 30 x Cleansing Wipes 1 Release Pilfer Proof Plaster Dispenser: 40 Fabric Plasters in Pilfer Proof Wallet 45 Washproof Plasters in Pilfer Proof Wallet

Manufacturer Reliance Medical Manufacturer Code 9100

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